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Jan 14, 2015 at 03:33 PM

Problem with WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20 and MultiValue Paste and Internet Explorer 11


Hi All

We have created a WebDynpro Component, using the Interface Controller Component WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20 to have select-options functionality available in WebDynpro.

One of the most used features in our company is the Multivalue-Paste, where you can select your values (e.g. in excel) copy them into the windows clipboard and paste them into WebDynpro select-option field (just click into the SO-field and do Ctrl+C)

WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20 automatically creates 1 single selection-line for each entry in the clipboard.

With this functionality our product managers copy their articles and paste it into our WebDynpro application to do further processing with them.

This is standard functionality that comes with WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20 and is there right away (as soon as you do not disable it in the global options of the SO).

All this worked perfectly well with Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Recently our IT has "forced" a browser upgrade to IE11, where this feature does not work anymore.

When you now paste more than 1 entry into the selection-field, the WDA hangs and freezes.

You can still create more than 1 lines per SO-field by clicking on the + sign at the end of the field and add 1 entry after the other (meaning you can manually do what the multi-paste did automatically), but that is not feasable for 100s of articles.

I have tried to set almost everything in IE11 (enable everthing in the IE options), I have set compatibility mode in IE11, nothing helped.

I have tried different browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome), and - Surprise - it worked with Chrome, and only with Chrome.

But unfortunately Chrome is not allowed here in our company, so this is not the solution.

Did anyone encounter a simliar problem, or knows any hint or workaround to this problem ?

Any comments are highly appreciated.