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Error when schedule analysis for office precalc

Jan 27, 2017 at 11:26 AM


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I have the following issue, when i try to do an schedule its send in a wrong way, its mixes some dimensions and shows together. see example below. if i execute the woorkbook online its works fine. the problem is in the document send in the schedule.

I send 15 schedules at the same time for the same woorkbook, it can be the problem?

this is the report online

this one is after schedule.

screenshot-4.jpg (202.6 kB)
screenshot-5.jpg (69.5 kB)
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Cristina - which version of Analysis Office are you using? Which version of the BI platform?


Analysis for office

add-on analysis for office

Sap bi platform 4.2 sp2

Cristina Trujillo Garcia

Is there a chance you could update to Analysis Office 2.4 SP1 - both client & server?


i will try to update the AO, anyway i read about this, need i to save the workbook on 1.x version? or its indifferent?

Many thanks!!

Cristina Trujillo Garcia

Hi - I am not sure why you need to save the workbook on the 1.x version?


you Right its not necesary, i update to SP1 and still have the same issue :( ill gonna send a ticket to sap

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