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Jan 14, 2015 at 08:23 AM

A chart bug while export to word


Hi, guys

CR for vs Ver13.0.9

Visual Studio 2010

Office 2013

I designed 3 charts in my rpt file. In order to seperate them, we can mark the first on as Chart A, the second as Chart B, and the last one as Chart C.

The three charts are actually the same size, and in fact, i just copy Chart A, change some options, and it changed to Chart B.

Chart C is also changed from Chart A.

After all is done, i export to word.

Chart A shows normal and it's size is OK.

But Chart B and Chart C is a little unnormal. (Click to see big picture)

In word, they show like below:

And soon i found Chart B and C's size is 0.01cm different.

If click "Ret Size" in the green box, Chart B and C returns to normal.

You can use the attachment to test, and if possible, show me a solution in report design.