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Jan 14, 2015 at 06:00 AM

Long Running Update to Infocube


Hello all

We have DTP that always run successfully, but had failed today. The process runs for 8 hours and still does not have short dump. Data is only little to process that is why 8hours should not be happening. There's no error message.

Looking the request, Data Package is still yellow.

Updating to InfoCube: 19,376 -> 0 Data Records is yellow

Green status for Overlapping check with archived data areas for InfoProvider and Conversion of Characteristic Values to SIDs.

But after this steps, No Message: Write to Fact Table and No Message: InfoCube Update Completed are not executed that is why it is forever yellow.

I'm facing above error for all DTP's and Background job is cancelling for all dtp's and there is no job log creation as well.

Could you please suggest solution for this? I have tried to change the request to red and delete it. then reload the dtp again but still in yellow.

Thans & Regards