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Sales org/dist channel parameter values

I have a material workflow based on BO BUS1001006. I have a request to add visibility of the Sales Org if the user enters one when they create a material. MVKE-VKORG is not part of this business object. I tried adding it as a database field but I'm not sure how to access the parameter the user would have entered. Is it possible?

If it is not possible, how could I add display of the sales org. I tried also adding as a virtual attribute but I am faced with the same issue - coming up with logic that would pick the sales org the user entered for each instance of the workflow.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

D. Scott

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2 Answers

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    Jan 14, 2015 at 02:20 AM

    What are you really trying to achieve?

    You could add MVKE-VKORG as a virtual attribute to the object. Just do a select to MVKE table - the key of your business object (material number) is the same as the key in MVKE (well, not exactly since MVKE has three key fields).

    I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve, but I hope that you understand that your business object BUS1001006 is basically meant for the material basic data. Now it sounds a bit that you want to take the sales org/distribution channel "dimension" to your object/workflow. You need to understand that it is possible to maintain many sales org/distribution channel combinations to the material. In other words, you will have just one entry in MARA table (="basic data"), but there might be several rows for the same material in MVKE table (="sales org / distribution channel").

    Kind regards,


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    • Hi Scott,

      It's my mistake. I thought you wanted to display all the sales orgs.

      Anyways, for this case, I think you can go with the following solution :

      1. In user exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001, you will get the values of material number and sales organization which user has entered on screen.

      2. Create a custom event(ZSALES) with a parameter (IM_VKORG) in the subtype business object(ZBUS1006).

      3. Now call function module to trigger this custom event inside the exit and pass the value of sales org in INPUT_CONTAINER table.

      This way you should be able to receive value of sales org inside workflow.

      Don't forget to change the basic settings of workflow. There you need to specify your custom business object and custom event(ZBUS1006-ZSALES) as the start event instead of BUS1001006-CREATE.



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    Jan 13, 2015 at 08:06 PM


    If you know how to do it in ABAP then you can do it in workflow (or, rather, the BOR object).

    If you don't know how to do it in ABAP then it's more of a functional question. What table is BUS1001006 based on? If you had to look it up manually, how would you do it?


    Rick Bakker

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    • Former Member Former Member

      You are correct - it is not macro programming although the BO uses some macros to access parameters, etc. What I meant to say is since I am using a BO to create the logic, the syntax would be different than I would use if the logic was being written in an enhancement. I would be able to use the structure those parameters are stored in if I were to write the logic in an enhancement spot during material creation/extension. For this one in particular, that would be RMMG1-VKORG. It is not possible to access that structure in a virtual attribute of the BO. Thanks for your suggestions.