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Jan 13, 2015 at 03:39 PM

Email notification deadline monitoring


Hi there,

I'm trying to create a workflow that sends an e-mail when a PO isn't created within 5 days of of the PR.

There's no release stategy and if possible I don't want to use notification created in the buisines workplace. Just an e-mail send thru SOST. I'm new on workflows (WF) and encounter some problems.

I created a WF model with a start event with BO BUS2105 and event 'CREATED'. Implemented ME_REQ_POSTED for initiating the WF. In the builder I added a Step, type Activity with Object method BUS2012, 'INFORELEASEEFFECTED' and Ending Event BUS2012, 'CREATED'. And in the activity, 'Latest end' is maintained as deadline monitoring. At this point I have two questios:

1) The workflow is initiated, but it makes no difference if a PO is created or not, the deadline always gets triggert. What must be configured to discared the deadline and procede in the workflow when the PO is created?

2) How can I create the workflow without using the business workplace? Just an e-mail to the creator of the PR when the set time period is over.

Help would be highly appriciated.

Best regards,