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New communication arrangement for Maintain pricelist

I am planing to crate pricelist with Maintain pricelist WSDL through web service.

When i am trying from SOAP UI getting error message like: System error during SOAP processing.

this could be due to authorization issue.

When i checked i came to know that i should create communication arrangement.

In Application user and management -> New communication arrangement

I need to select communication scenario but looks like there is no scenario for Maintain price list.

Please let me know how do we do this.


Mahesh Gattu

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2 Answers

  • Jan 15, 2015 at 09:55 AM

    Hello Mahesh,

    If you do not see a communication scenario wit the Pricelist, then this means that either an existing scenario is not PSM released or it does not exist at all.

    Long term suggestion:

    Request the release

    Shot term suggestion:

    Create your own scenario and do the rest via ABSL coding



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    Former Member
    Jan 15, 2015 at 10:12 AM

    You can create the scenario in Studio and assign the WS operations you need:

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    • Hi Fernandi,

      I have another issues while loading the salesprice list from this webservice.

      I could able to crate a base price list with a product and date range with price.

      but my client requirement is they will have multiple pricelists for the same data range.

      for example.
















      like this they have different price list for different price list for each product with the same date range.

      here the issues is when i crate price list with web service initially first row got crated and price list status turns to released.

      when i try to crate second row as Market it says already base is available in the same date range, so it is not creating Market.

      when i get into c4c and change the Base price list status to unrelease the Base then i crate it works crates market.

      is there any way i can set the status when initially i crate price list it should be in "not released" status

      so that i guess it will allow me as many price list with same date range.

      thanks appreciate your quick help.

      here is my sample xml code testing with soap ui.

      <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:glob="">






                  <ID schemeID="MS1" schemeAgencyID="MS1" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="MS1">MS1</ID>


                  <UUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""></UUID>


                  <ReferenceID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""></ReferenceID>


                  <ReferenceUUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""></ReferenceUUID>


               <!--1 or more repetitions:-->

               <SalesPriceList ActionCode="04">

              <!--Optional: -->





                  <TypeCode listID="7PL0" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="">7PL0</TypeCode>

                  <ID schemeID="RETAIL" schemeAgencyID="">RETAIL</ID>

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <Description languageCode="EN">RETAIL</Description>






                  <PriceSpecification ScaleLineListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="">

                     <TypeCode listID="7PR1" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="7PR1" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID="">7PR1</TypeCode>

                     <Amount currencyCode="USD">1.23</Amount>

                     <BaseQuantity unitCode="LBR">1</BaseQuantity>

                     <BaseQuantityTypeCode listID="LBR" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID="">7PR1</BaseQuantityTypeCode>

                     <ProductID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID="">1029</ProductID>







      <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="">



            <n0:SalesPriceListBundleMaintainConfirmation_sync xmlns:n0="" xmlns:prx="">








                     <Note>Base Price List BASE with same validity already exists</Note>






                     <Note>Action  failed</Note>







      Mahesh Gattu