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Account statement not updated Message no. FB773

Hello SAP Experts,

I was testing the EBS . While uploading the statement ( format MT940 86 structured) one of Polish bank.

system is displaying the statement with the message

Account statement not updated

Message no. FB773

Additional information : external transaction is missing in T028G.

All the customization was working good in past, we just created few new external transaction ( 4 digit numeric)

With analysis we come to know that , with above format system is recognizing only ext tran type ( 3 digit numeric)

Does anyone have latest update for the MT940 Format particularly field : 86:

Example : external tran type 9060 is created in

Best Regards

Gopal Rawat

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3 Answers

  • Jan 13, 2015 at 03:09 PM


    first of all, double-check if it's an MT940 with field :86: structured or unstructured. You can do it by checking 4th, 5th and 6th character in any field :86:

    For example:


    If 3rd character is a kind of a separator ('^' in the example above, '?', '~' etc.) followed by a 2-digit subfield code ('00' here) it means that field :86: is structured

    If there is no such a rule, for example:

    :86:401 DEP. PLN; OPROC.: 3.00%; O

    field :86: is unstructured.

    This implicates the way EBS should be imported and configured. If field :86: is structured, you assign posting rules in table T028G to 3-digit bank transaction codes. If field :86: is unstructured, you use there 4-letter bank transaction codes from field :61: which can be found right after amount:


    Besides, for the latter you use format 'I' in FF_5 whereas for MT940 with field :86: structured you use format 'S'. It might have happened that someone imported MT940 with field 86 unstructured with format S in FF_5. In this case the system took just first 3 characters from field :86: and interpreted it as a bank transaction code.

    That's a general rule. However, some enhancement might be in use. Look especially at user exit ZXF01U01 where bank transaction code (FEBEP-VGEXT) and posting rule (FEBEP-VGINT) can be substituted. A lot can happen there.

    And one more hint. It's also possible to configure 4-letter bank transaction codes for MT940 with structured field :86:. Let's assume you can find something like this:


    the bank provided 4-digit bank transaction codes, for example:





    It appears (at least it was like this in my case) that the last 'missing' digit can be found in subfield ^34 (3rd character). Concatenation of bank transaction code 012 from the beginning of field :86: and this digit gives complete bank transaction code.

    You just have to populate field FEBEP-VGEXT before interpretation of EBS transaction. To do that, implement BAdI FIEB_CHANGE_BS_DATA.

    Tomasz Gerke

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    • Former Member

      Dear T Ger,

      I’m trying to upload an Electronic bank statement format MT940 for a Mexican bank using FF.5.

      I understood that if the line 86 has this form...

      :86:902?00DEP CHEQUEBNM?20/EI/TRANSACTION?21

      Then the MT940 is with field 86 structured.

      In this way we created the entries into the T028G with three codes for the external transactions. Some samples 079, 364, 425, TRF…

      With these setting I can process the file in SAP without process errors, but the movements in the bank statement in SAP are with wrongs.

      When the file is processed the system did changing the operations (movements). Is like a concatenate some letters/numbers of line 61 and 86.







      :86:902?00DEP CHEQUE BNM?20/EI/TRANSACTION?21 384,871.43


      :86:635?00DEPOSITO S.B.C.?20/EI/107994


      :86:364?00ORDEN DE ABONO?20/EI/0000093232 COMPRA DE INVENTARIO

      View in FF.6

      I don’t know which the problem is... Maybe you can give me any idea? Please!


      Sandra Milena

      ff.5.JPG (62.9 kB)
  • Jan 13, 2015 at 01:54 PM

    Hi Gopal,

    For possibilities to enhance the bank statement functionality, you
    can refer to note 494777 point 10.

    Exit FEB00004 is called at the import of SWIFT MT940 in program
    RFEKA400.You can use this interface to convert bank-specific and/or
    country specific changes to the SWIFT MT940 format into the form
    recommended by SAP.

    Hope this could be helpful for you.


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    Former Member
    Jan 13, 2015 at 02:46 PM


    if you are working in MT940 86 structured format, the external transaction is a 3 digits code. In your case it is 906, as you see in your error message. If you have a 4 digits code, I think you have unstructured format.

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