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Create Outbound proxy interface

Hi Experts,

Business users creates an XML file and store it in AL11 tcode.I have created an XI interface to send a file to file scenario but I need to know how to create an outbound proxy or a program to take the file from AL11 and send it to this XI interface so we can send it to the respective other part of the connection?

Thank you,

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2 Answers

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    Feb 01, 2015 at 05:48 AM


    I have used the Open data set and the file is read perfectly. But what I need is, I want to update a customized DB table before sending the file through the interface. So, can I write a code in the outbound proxy to update a Ztable with the file data then the interface will send it to the other side of the connection??

    Thank you,

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      Here is the sample code:


          l_wa_proxy_invent TYPE zdt_nl_stock_inventories_stock, *---Proxy Structure

          l_wa_output       TYPE zmt_nl_stock_inventories, *---Output Data

          l_i_proxy_invent  TYPE zdt_nl_stock_inventories_s_tab. *---Table to pass to proxy


          <l_fs_final> TYPE ty_final.


          l_o_proxy TYPE REF TO zco_l_nl_ops_proxy_stock_inven. *---Object for proxy class

      *-Add Data to Proxy table

        LOOP AT fp_i_final ASSIGNING <l_fs_final>.

          IF <l_fs_final>-stock IS NOT INITIAL.

            l_wa_proxy_invent-maitem = <l_fs_final>-matnr. *-----Material

            l_wa_proxy_invent-maloc  = <l_fs_final>-lgort. *-----Location

            l_wa_proxy_invent-maavail_date  = <l_fs_final>-hsdat. *-----Production date

            l_wa_proxy_invent-maexp_date  = <l_fs_final>-vfdat. *-----Best before date

            l_wa_proxy_invent-maqty  = <l_fs_final>-stock. *-----Stock

            APPEND l_wa_proxy_invent TO l_i_proxy_invent.



        IF NOT l_i_proxy_invent IS INITIAL.

          l_wa_output-mt_nl_stock_inventories-stock_inventories =



      *-Create Proxy Object

              CREATE OBJECT l_o_proxy.

              CALL METHOD l_o_proxy->execute_asynchronous


                  output = l_wa_output.

      *Catch exceptions if any.

            CATCH cx_ai_system_fault INTO v_sys_excep.


            CATCH cx_ai_application_fault INTO v_app_excep.



          COMMIT WORK.


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    Jan 13, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    Hi Emam,

    use OPEN DATA set to read al11 contents in read mode.

    Then send the file as an attachemnt or individual  fields.

    check this link for creating and sending attachment+data through outbound proxy.



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