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Valuation price in stock trsp PReq

Dear colleagues,

My client creates indirect PReq's with account assignment and assigns a valuation price that controls the approval process in the next step. This is working fine.

The problem starts when the buyer assigns a vendor which happens to be another plant (cross company stock trsp req.) As soon as the system determines that it is a stock trsp req., it pulls the material's price from the supplying plant (std price) and places it in the PReq as the valuation price. This is a problem, because the purchasing price from the other plant is actually not that plant's standard price, but something else.

Pulling the valuation price from the supplying plant seems to be hard-coded functionality, even if I don't find explicit confirmation of such functionality in the documentation. I have only found the note 694885 that solves a "problem" described as follows: "In a stock transport requisition, the system uses the valuation price from the receiving plant. The valuation price from the delivering plant would be correct." Why is this "correct"? Do you know the reason for this functionality?

Is there somebody out there who faced a similar requirement to bypass this functionality? How have you solved it? I tried forcing the price/currency in the BAdI ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST (method PROCESS_ITEM), but it didn't help.



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    Jan 13, 2015 at 10:42 AM

    I think that in case of stock transfer it can be assumed that the price in the supplying plant is more accurate than the valuation price in material master of the receiving plant.

    You never get an info record price into the valuation price field of a requisition (493318 Q&A 17)

    However, I haven't seen any note that explicitly explains the design.

    OSS note 208138 mentions as well that SAP is looking into supplying plant.

    KBA 2057216 also mentions the Badi and method (that did not work for you). You wrote price/currency , did you try it without currency, as valuation price is always in company code currency of receiving plant?

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    • Hi again,

      Following Jürgen's application to close the old threads, I am closing this one. We haven't found a way to keep the manually assigned price when the release of the PReq causes vendor assignment (BAdI ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST) and hence pulling the price from the supplying plant.

      Fortunately, these cases when "consumable" PReq's (subject for release) are created for delivery from another plant are quite rare. In such situations, we taught the approvers to release the same PReq twice. The first time they release, the BAdI assigns the fixed vendor and standard SAP pulls then the price from the supplying plant. But when they release again, the fixed vendor is already assigned and no new price determination is carried out, thus keeping the PReq in released state.

      The price in the PReq is still wrong, but since it has already been released, it doesn't matter so much (the price in the PO is not taken from the PReq, but from PIR).