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Jan 13, 2015 at 04:54 AM

sap.m.input focus issues


Hello all,

I'm facing an issue with sap.m.Input on UI5 hybrid app on iPad.

I'm using sap.m.Input in a sap.m.Dialog. When the UI5 library upgrades to 1.26 and iOS upgrades to 8.0, the issue happens.

When the dialog pops up, there's a cursor in the Input and the soft keyboard also pops up, but in a few seconds, the keyboard withdrew while cursor disappears(all automatically, there's no user's action on iPad). And after that, the dialog sometimes becomes transparent.

I'm guessing this issue happens because there's focus on the input first but then the focus moves to somewhere else. I've tried to use "document.activeElement.blur()" to remove focus, but it was in vain.

Could anybody helps on this issue?

Thanks very much!

Best Regards,