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Jan 12, 2015 at 07:58 PM

Data Conversion errror in SAP Reader


I have a dataflow reading from the KNA1 table in SAP. After processing some records I get the following error:

Cannot convert data <X> into type <DECIMAL> in file <SapDB::srcDB_table_query_stream>, row number <0>, column number <104>.

I am not using this data in column 103 or 104 in my dataflow but I suspect it is on the initial read where it is doing some codepage coercion that it runs into this issue.

I did find a workaround. I set the overflow file on for the KNA1 source table in my dataflow. When I rerun it worked fine but wrote no data to the overflow file. Even stranger was when I turned off the overflow file on KNA1 and ran it again it ran without issue.

Has anyone ever run into this before or can explain how the overflow file should be working in this case?