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Repetitive manufacturing questions

Hi Guys,

I am not new to sap or PP module, but fairly new to repetitive manufacturing. All my experience is in discrete industry. I have some questions which I need your help with, I would really appreciate any help..

1. I have a planned order for quantity 10 and I have GR all the 10 on the planned order using MFBF. I go to planned order and see the order quantity is 10 and received quantity is 10. if the order is satisfied, this planned order should be vanished from the system, correct? why do I still see the order?

2. for a material, I have not created any planned order in the system. but when i go to mfbf and give the material number and version and just do assembly backflush, I see 131 document getting created. if there is no planned order in that system, I though it will go to cogi and 131 will not be performed. am I wrong? In this case how/where did system reduce the planned order? what settings should I make to make sure that without a planned order, I should not be able to backflush.

Th reason why I want to make this setting is, there is a danger that people just go on do mfbf even without a supply element (planned order)

3. if I do assembly backflush, will system create just one material document for both 131 and 261? can I make system do this?

5. what is the advantage of using batch management for raw materials in rem, because always we do backflsuh in REM and traceability is lost.


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2 Answers

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    Jan 13, 2015 at 05:23 AM


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    • SCM09,

      Please see my comments below for all your questions.

      1.Chcek REM Profile configuration OSP2 for Planned order reduction.

      Further you can refer SAP Note 1932420 Reduction Period for planned orders in REM

      2.There is no setting to control this, You need to make Planned order field is mandatory during MFBF with screen variant from SHD0

      3.If you select GI Back flush at GR Posting in OSP2 then you would get 1 document for 261 and 131.

      4.You can easily idenfy the one lot when you compare with others and Also it is easy for tracebility.


  • Jan 14, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    Hello SCM 09,

    Please check below answer

    1. In REM process, Planned order deleted once back flushed done with respect to planned order,           you can't trace the planned order after the backflush done,


        In REM, Option available to do backflush with respect to the material and in that case you have to       maintained the planned order reduction day : "In Days" in OSP2 ( REM Profile) after specify day         planned order deleted after from the system

    2. As now no setting available in REM w/o Planned order, you make mendotroy filed as "Kiran               Kumar" suggested. There is one more option provide by SAP to control this function, In REM             Profile you have option to post processing record allowed or not.

        "Execute correction in Dialogue mode" select as mandatory in REM Profile, In that case system         allowed you once you have corrected all errors, Ex. Stock not available for component, in that case      first you need to add the stock only after that system allow you to do backflush

    3. System generate one document, But make sure you have not maintained the multiple Reporting point     in Routing/rate routing, If you have assign material operation wise and Reporting point maintained in routing/Rate routing and in case of multiple reporting point, system done GR at last reporting point so system generate the multiple document in that case

    4. It is useful to tractability in REM process, In REM there is no reservation for raw material

    I hope this detail information helpful to you

    Thanks & Regards

    Umesh Mali

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