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Jan 12, 2015 at 04:30 PM

Defects recording for equipment



I have an equipment wherein the sub-equipments are checked periodically for damages under certain fixed parameters. Say, one of the sub-equipments is XYZ and is checked for Structural Failure (one of the many parameters on which the sub-equipment may be rejected and deemed fit for replacement).

I have created a catalog profile with catalogs, code groups and codes for defect types which has been attached to XYZ.

I have created a plan for the above stated purpose XYZ, assigned inspection type 300 and created a task list for the steps to be performed for the purpose. Now on scheduling the system generates a notification. At this stage I want to carry out a step (something like an UD) recording in the system whether the sub-equipment XYZ has developed a defect and based on this the system should trigger subsequent action..

My question is how do I create the scenario where based on my selection of the defect type the system should generate an order where subsequent operations would be completed.