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Planned Order for SFG after MRP run MD02= MD61(Qty)+ VA03( Qty)

Dear Experts, Need your help and suggestion to Map the requirements. Bom design FG---SFG--RM( 1:1 ratio) FG needs to be planned by MTO, planning strategy 20, MRP type PD, Individual/collective requirement indicator=1. SFG and RM needs to be planned by MTS, planning strategy 40, MRP type PD, I/C=2, Mixed MRP indicator=3 for SFG. Lot size=WB Sales Order Qty FG=100, When MRP is executed by MD50, FG planned Order qty=100 For SFG, PIR=200, When MRP is run through MD02, Planned Order Qty=200+100=300 Client requirement is the Replenishment element of SFG after MD02 run should be equal to PIR qty only? Planned Order SFG=200 only. How can I de-link the Sales Order qty which is passing its requirement to SFG also? Appreciate your reply Best regards Shailesh
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2 Answers

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    Jan 12, 2015 at 02:18 PM


    This is standard behavior of the system as for SFG there are 2 requirements one from FG Planned orders dependent requirement and Another from SFG PIR Requirement.

    As already suggested check with Planning strategy 70 for Sub assembly where PIR can be consumed with production quantities.

    Or else with the help of BADI MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA you can control double requirements passed to SFGs.


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  • Jan 12, 2015 at 01:31 PM

    Hello Shailesh

    Generally, we only create PIRs for the finished product and it's not necessary to plan semi-finished goods with PIRs, as they will be planned with dependent requirements. Also, a sales order will not reduce/consume the PIR for a SFG.

    In some very specific cases, it's necessary to use a planning strategy to plan the components with PIRs. In this case, strategy 70 is generally used.

    Please try again using strategy 70 and make sure that the prerequisites for this strategy, as they are described on the following link, are met:

    SAP Library - Demand Management (PP-MP-DEM)



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