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IT-Performance Monitoring - Directlink (for monitor)

Hi experts,

does anybody know a possibilty, to call IT-Performance Analysis (Work Center Technical Monitoring->Interactive Reporting) directly with an URL?

There are a lot of very good analysis which I would like to display on a central monitor, which is refresh automatically.

And I would like to display a lot of different graphics (for example each system 5 minutes).

I only found the function for "right click on graphic->bookmark", which is it is possible to call directly, but the time-intervall is not changed.

So if I define 24 hours and copy the bookmark, i get only displayed the 24hours, where I copied the bookmark.

I already got the mail-function which is really helpful (I send it once a month), but I would also like to have a monitor which is updated permanently.

Kind regards

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2 Answers

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    Jan 21, 2015 at 02:26 PM

    in other words, I am looking for a graphical chart, which displays for example CPU-Usage over a defined time (e.g. 3 hours) and the development of the CPU in graphical-form.

    Like in Windows the performance tools.

    For me it would be enough, if I can call the metrics (metric-viewer) of technical monitoring dynamical.

    But there I always get the error, after a refresh, that a direct-jumpin is not allowed.

    Or would the answer be CA Wily Introscope?

    Kind regards

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    • Hello again,

      it is possible, and not not that difficult.

      You have to use the URL /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wdc_e2erep_metric_mon_static on solution manager for the call.

      This URL has to be called with the following URL-parameters

      iv_time_from = timestamp from

      iv_time_to = timestamp to

      IV_METR_PATH = metric path

      IV_CONTEXT_ID = context id

      IV_TYPE_ID = type id

      iv_height = size (recommended 100%25 (%25 means % in URL)

      iv_metr_path, iv_context_id and iv_type_id can be found in directory-browser.

      If you don't find it, there is also an easy way to find it with method cl_e2erep_metric_monitor=>get_monitor.

      Set a break-point therein and call the metric on the normal way in technical-monitoring.

      So you can see the data simple.

      Hopefuly it helps everybody.

      For me it is very helpful, because on that way I can display now detailed metrics, based on same data, automatically with refresh-function.

      (btw, refresh function I did realize in a BSP, which refreshs the URL automatically).

  • Jan 12, 2015 at 04:15 PM

    I think this is what you want - How to preselect a Work Center in the SAP Solution Manager

    You want - TECHMON_COMP

    After that you can click on preferences and set the default to Interactive Reporting.  I haven't seen a way to call a specific URL for items under a workcenter, only the workcenters themselves.

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    • Hello Bill,

      not really, as I want to call also directly a performance-report for a specific system.

      However, I was wrong, the bookmark is exactly what I want.

      (I had a BW error, therefore I thought it is not working).

      So right-click on the graphic and copy the bookmark-link, is the link which can be used for monitors.

      Kind regards and thanks for help