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Jan 12, 2015 at 08:22 AM

One quite haunted Gateway cache issue


Hi experts,

I meet with one weird issue these days and I felt very confused.

I have added several news node to my OData models in backend system and I can ensure that the development are correct, since I have tested the related services on those new nodes in Gateway client and Chrome and every thing works.

The annoying issue is, some times the service suddenly does not work, and the issue is caused by that the old metadata before my enhancement is wrongly loaded in gateway system. See one error message for example: (ComplexNotes is one of the new nodes I added to the Model )

Even I have cleared the cache in both gateway and backend via tcode /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP and /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP, the issue still occurs from time to time, but is NOT always reproducible.

Taking today's test for example.The last change timestamp for backend cache is say 20150112052753,

And it has been sent to gateway system and cached there ( pay attention to the timestamp )

And regarding the difference of type id between gateway and crm is I have done the following customizing in gateway system:

so far so good. Unfortunately sometimes I could really observe that the cache in gateway came to an old state , taking one below for example: today is 2015-01-12, why the cache in gateway is restored to the version on last Thursday(2015-01-08)??

I did some whereused list search on table /IWFND/I_MED_CTC, the only place to fill some data to this table is /IWFND/CL_MED_MDL_CACHE_PERSIS~SET_MERGED_MODEL, which is furtherly only called by /IWFND/CL_MED_MDL_PROVIDER~CREATE_CLUSTERED_MODEL. The latter is only called when a request for Medata model is issued.

Then comes my question: since the backend cache is already update-to-date ( 2015-01-12 ) and the same with Gateway cache, how could any Meta model request force the Gateway cache to be refreshed to the previous version ( 2015-01-08 ) ????


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