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Jan 12, 2015 at 06:53 AM

Determination of Sales Org in VOE2


Hello All,

I have searched the forum, but I have not got a complete answer to my question. I will explain my question below.

In Sales Org ABC, a sales order is created. Against this Sales order, automatically a PO has to be created for Sales Org XYZ. The Purchasing customer (which represents Sales Org 1234) has Customer number 1234. The Vendor number for Sales Org XYZ (from whom Sales Org ABC will purchase) is 5678. Now, I believe in the VOE2, entry should be maintained as "1234- 5678 - XYZ -10 -10" (assuming Dist channel and Division to be 10 and 10). By this, the Sales Org in the Sales Order that will be created from the PO will be XYZ.

But can you please explain where and how does the system check and determine the Sales Org XYZ? From the PO where does it take the Customer and Vendor from to hit the VOE2?