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Jan 05, 2006 at 06:17 AM

Difference between Business System and Business Service


Hi Friends,

I know the basic difference between the Business System and Business Service and that is.. the systems which are defined in SLD are Business systems.

But in Real scenarios how they are differentiated. Because, I tried a simple scenario where Iam updating an R/3 table using a legacy file. I used RFC receiver Adapter for that. First I defined the Technical and Business systems for my R/3 in SLD. and then used this Business System in my scenario. And it worked well. the table was updated.

But then in place of Business system I created a Business Service and with Inbound interface as my Function Module imported into XI from R/3 and created a communication channel for it. Even then it is working properly.

My doubt is that when I can directly create a Business Service in ID and use it then what is the use of Business System and defining it in SLD.

This is just a silly doubt but will appreciate your response.

Thanks in Advance...