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Incident doesn't set to 'In Process' automatically when reply with a requestor user


I'm currently configuring ITSM for my customer. My colleague and I copied SMIV to a new transaction ZMIV.

After some further customization like Web UI and profiles, we tested whether the entire processes work properly but faced a problem. Fyi, we didn't make any development but use only standard scenarioes and only changed customizations

Once an incident status is set to 'Customer Action' by a processor, if a requestor wants it to be 'In Process' then he/she can push the 'Save and Reply' button with relevant update. Then the status will be set to 'In Process' authomatically. Please see below screenshot for better understanding. I confirmed that it works as expected in the standard transaction type, SMIN.

However, in the current system what I have configured, the status is not changed to 'In Process' automatically but stayed as 'Customer Action'. I've checked status profiles in IMG and user status in Authorization. I couldn't find anything wrong about it. Anyone can help me to solve the problem, ASAP?

Fyi, I share the current configuration of the Status profile and Authorization for the user status. Not sure but I don't think it's an authorization problem as the issue happens with admin user as well like solman_admin.

-ZIV0: New

-ZIV1: In Process

-ZIV7: Confirmed

I tested insert ZIV4(Customer Action) but didn't work as well.

Status Profile.jpg (89.5 kB)
authorization.jpg (160.4 kB)
untitled.png (84.4 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Jan 12, 2015 at 01:10 PM

    I have resolved the issue applying a note.1493154.

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  • Jan 11, 2015 at 02:16 PM


    you have to define the condition and action profile accordingly to make this setup automatically.

    or any time you can set as "in process" by choosing the status from the list.

    may I ask are you able to select the in process from the list



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    • Hi Jansi

      Thanks for your reply. I was able to selet 'In Process' from the list accordingly. However, I'd like rather make it automatically to avoid any user error related.

      Btw, would you mind if you can specify in which action profile and condition I should change further?

      In the Action Defination, compare to the standard one, I only have deactivate below definations due to an issue detected and unnecessity. And it didn't work as well though I activated it in temporary for a test.

      - ZMIV_VAR_STAT_1STLEVEL ; Set Status 'Sent to 1st Level'

      - ZMIV_VAR_STAT_1STLEVELA ; Set Status 'Sent to 1st Level' Automatically

      In the Define Condition, I don't know in which action and profile I should configure with what value exactly. Evenmore, I cannot find any action definition among available list. Most of them look like send or forward to SAP/External Service Desk or E-mail.

      Best Regards,

      Seong Do