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Inspection lot for sub vendor?

Dear guru's

I am not able to create an inspection lot for the raw materials, the scenario is Clint have one vendor, under this vendor 18 sub parties are there. MM people have maintain vendor records, but they are not maintain sub parties records. Issue is QM department required inspection lot based on sub parties but MM people create po based on vendor. How do I create inspection lot based on sub parties automatically? Please help me.



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4 Answers

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    Jan 14, 2015 at 09:37 PM

    This is a perfect scenario for the MPN process.  In the MPN process you create a special material master, (HERS material type) that gets linked to your internal material number.  It also links a manufacturer's number to that material as well.

    When the order is placed, you can enter the internal material number.  The system will force you to then enter the manufacturer's material to order. (i.e you order the material through one vendor, but the vendor can source that material from multiple vendors).

    When the material comes in, it will now have the manufacturer's number associated with it.  You can now create inspection plans and assign them based on the manufacturer's number and material number.  Not the vendor number.

    There is a fair amount of material on the internet and in the SAP help files on this process.

    This is all standard SAP and requires no development.  Just some minor configuration and the creation of the master data.


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  • Jan 11, 2015 at 06:15 PM

    Hi Ramesh,

    Rahul and Anand has put forward some important questions before you decide anything.

    If at all it's required I can propose some crude custom logic for you to explore further -

    a) Create 18 different inspection plans with different quality specifications to capture results. Link your material & vendor with it. You can create GrC's as well, but you should maintain at least 18 different combinations.

    b) Create 18 different inspection types of origin "01" (Ex: 0101, 0102, ..or V01, V02...) and assign them to the inspection lot origin "01".

    c) Create a Z table where you maintain the Sub-Vendor names/codes Vs Inspection types created above and Inspection plan & group counter.

    d) While doing GR for the same PO, there should be an unique identifier / item Text field always populated, to uniquely identify which sub-party has send this material for the main vendor. This value should be added to the above Z-table to create the link. In case if this is blank then the Z-table search should not happen.

    e) Now your GR User Exit understands based on the above input field in MIGO & Z-table combination, which inspection type should be selected, and you can get a inspection lot, per sub-vendor.

    f) In case if you also need to see the stocks against each Sub-vendor, you can create 18 new storage locations (Ex ZV01, Zv02, ...) and extend the same in the above Z-table. Now while the stock is posted, it will consider all the allowed combinations, and stock may be posted accordingly.

    Further inputs for your analysis:

    i) You can reconcile for any particular inspection types, how are the results going on.

    ii) Uniquely manage each inspection plan and later you have the flexibility to maintain these inspection plans.

    iii) You can develop unique quality reports based on sub-vendors.

    iv) Client can send these quality analysis to the main vendor on periodic basis, for it to take necessary actions on it's sub-vendors.



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    Jan 09, 2015 at 06:26 PM

    Hi Ramesh,

    Do you need to inspect different characteristics for different sub-parties or same characteristics?

    In other words, do you need the name of sub party just for information purpose or do you carry out different inspections for different sub parties?

    Best Regards,


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Ramesh,

      Here is a crude option if you do not want to go for flexible specifications.

      Create a master inspection plan with operations for all the sub vendors (18 operations in this case).

      The first MIC for these operations can be confirmation of the sub-vendor name. For example, if the sub-vendor name is XYZ then the first MIC description can be 'Vendor XYZ' in the operation for XYZ sub-vendor with catalog values as yes and no.

      Then you can add all other characteristics required to be measured for this sub-vendor. Make sure that these characteristics are enabled only after the first characteristic is accepted.

      Likewise create other operations.

      While doing results recording user will record results only in the operation of the required sub-vendor. Note that he will have to reject the first characteristic of all the remaining operations.

      This is just a crude solution. You can refine it as per your requirement.

      Best Regards,


  • Jan 11, 2015 at 08:16 AM

    I doubt if you can map this unless there are separate POs for each of the sub vendors. Are you creating only one PO against main vendor? How do you account the stocks from MM perceptive?

    You can however explore manual inspection lot creation as a work around for this.


    Text added - Could you identify sub vendor wise stocks after its GR in MM module?

    Message was edited by: Anand Rao

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