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Schedule Task to Import Vendor Master

Hi SAP Experts,

I have written schedule tasks to import vendor master into sourcing system from third party ERP,  The process is that the third party places three files( vendor data, external system and purchasing organziation ) into FTP and then my schedule tasks run in sequence ie first vendor data is imported then external system then purchasing organization, there is a time gap of 20 mins between vendor data and external system and 10 mins between external system and purchasing organization but the problem is that if due to some inconsistency , vendor data file doesnt get placed in the FTP , then as per schedule the rest of the files get processed which causes  problem in system.

Can you suggest if it is the correct approach to import vendor master in this way? Or is there a way where we can control the execution of schedule task such that the first task executes only if the first task is completed ie. can we introduce some kind of dependency among schedule tasks.



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1 Answer

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    Jan 09, 2015 at 07:32 PM

    Hi Vishal,

       You may want to reconsider your design...based on the following

    1. It is unusual to have a large number of external systems.. (based on your description, Iam beginning to think that you may even have just 1 external system). So the question is why do you want to import an external system before every vendor import. can you just not do this once that will include all external systems...

    2. The same reasoning with Purchasing org's. since these cannot be as many as the vendor master records why don't you just import all of the Porg's first into the Purchasing org. master data, the vendors will then go through without much of a problem..

    3. Iam not sure how your generated files look like for vendor import. can you confirm that he format will be similar or the same as generated by an existing report  in ERP (BBP_ES_MASTER_DATA_EXTRACT)

    When you import vendor file it will only contain references to the External system and Porg's (that have already been imported in a prior step)..

    Please let me know if you need further clarifications..


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    • Former Member Deepak Arora

      Hi Deepak,

          Unfortunately, there is no way to define dependency between schedule Jobs and even though you have done your best in clearly defining the folder structure and Job Scheduling it may not work at all times..

      Have you though of consolidating the entities { Vendorexternal system and vendorExternalsystemPorgs} in one XML file (if you run the report bbp_es_masterdata_extract in ERP you will get the format of the XML if not please let me know and I can send you the format).

      Consolidating the relationships of the vendors in the vendor file will work the best for the situation..