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Jan 09, 2015 at 05:12 AM

UOM Display in OLAP - Changeable? Also what's up with that ","?


In our BEx reports the UOM is displayed on the left and not in each cell of each Key Figure, while in OLAP it instead displays within each cell. This is quite....busy and tends to clutter up the screen, additionally if you export that to Excel it also exports the UOM. While the User can still run calculations in Excel they still understandably prefer to NOT have the UOM repeated potentially hundreds or thousands of times.

Is there any way to stop this from happening in OLAP, can we make it like how BEx displays? I can see certain situations where this repeated UOM would be useful, but preferably we'd like to be given the choice how to display it.

Also while I'm at it, why is it almost impossible to tell that the comma in OLAP is actually a comma? Almost every single person who has run OLAP the first time has asked why their are decimal places, then I say it's a comma and they stare REALLY hard at the screen and go "Wow...ok...". lol I'm crossing my fingers that their is a way to change the font in the backend somehow? *cross fingers*




BEx UOM.png (3.9 kB)
OLAP UOM.png (3.5 kB)