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Jan 09, 2015 at 01:57 AM

FireFighter ID login only for some of the FireFighter Userid


Hi All,

I am getting a peculiar issue in CRM 7 system.Before that I am proving little background about the system complexity.

System has gone an upgrade from CRM 5.0 to CRM 7 latest version.Also it has both GRC AC 5.3 and GRC AC 10.0 plugins installed.,it's on SP6.

Issue:-Currently out of 20 FireFighter user ID's ,Team can login to only 4 FF ID of 1 particular type but others can't be access as when we try to login to them after filling the Reason Code and other details we get Message: SuperUser Privilge Management:5.3 with Message no. /VIRSA/VFAT684.

We have done everything even after assignment of SAP_ALL ,SAP_NEW it doesn't resolve the issue.

Following is the screenshot.Please help me to resolve this issue.


error_FF.jpg (8.0 kB)