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xsodata service for a HANA View - Severe limitations?


I am just starting out creating xsodata services on top of HANA views. The intention is for a generic client to consume one or more oData services exposed on HANA. However, I find the generated service to contain very limited information.

For example, I create a view using this syntax:

service {

          "<some_path>/myview.analyticview" as "MyView" keys generate local "GENERATED_ID" aggregates always;


The generated service metadata only contains the IDs associated with the columns in the analytic view. I don't have access to the labels of the columns, I have no indication of the description fields either. No generic client can work well with only access to the IDs and no additional metadata.

<Schema xmlns:d="" xmlns:m="" xmlns="" Namespace="something">

  <EntityType Name="analyticViewType">


  <PropertyRef Name="GENERATED_ID"/>


  <Property Name="GENERATED_ID" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false" MaxLength="2147483647"/>

  <Property Name="KMLAND_1" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="3"/>

  <Property Name="GJAHR" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="4"/>

  <Property Name="PERDE" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="3"/>

  <Property Name="FRWAE" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="5"/>

  <Property Name="REC_WAERS" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="5"/>

  <Property Name="WWDFM" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="18"/>

  <Property Name="VVCAP_ME" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="3"/>

  <Property Name="ABSMG_ME" Type="Edm.String" MaxLength="3"/>

  <Property Name="VVMIR" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVMPA" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVPMT" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVPPT" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVSFT" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVSPA" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>

  <Property Name="VVVIR" Type="Edm.Decimal" Precision="34"/>


  <EntityContainer Name="" m:IsDefaultEntityContainer="true">

  <EntitySet Name="MyView" EntityType="something"/>



Is there an alternate xsodata definition format which allows me to expose additional information like field labels and description columns?


Nitin Goel

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    Jan 08, 2015 at 11:30 PM

    If you want the column labels as well add the OData4SAP Annotation to the XSODATA service definition.

    Here is an example:

    service namespace "" {


      as "BusinessPartners"



    annotations {

       enable OData4SAP;


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