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Can we connect TDMS to the production?

A quick question on TDMS connectivity, as I heard that its not recommended to connect the TDMS server directly to the production box, as there would be a HUGE Impact on performance on the production system, while reading the data during the extraction process.. We have 15 TB of data in the production system and we are trying to extract 1-2 TB worth of data from the prod by store wise/warehouse wise etc.. If the production system performance would be Impacted with this, then what is the best recommend solution/approach. Connect TDMS central/controller to a production copy? Are there any guidelines on this?

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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jan 09, 2015 at 01:30 AM

    Hey Vicky,

         Yes, it is possible to connect TDMS to production environment. You can use following tricks to control load:

    1. You can set limited number of background jobs to TDMS.

    2. You can set limited number of total assigned jobs to individual activities like selection/reading.

    3. You can use load balancing while creating RFC destination.

    You can use any system for control/central even solman system. More number of batch processes + dialog processes are good to achieve good performance of TDMS migration run.

    Finally, load on system depends on hardware quality, RAM and so on. As your system is of 15TB size with production role so I am considering it will be of good hardware quality.


    Amit Sharma

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    • Former Member Vicky Dev

      Hey Vicky,

      Best is always to minimize risk that is to working with production copy. there is no doubt on that.

      if You can go for it. it is great.

      In case you have only one choice to use production system, You can use it by setting very limited number of jobs for data selection step so that only limited tables will be selected at a time. Keep monitoring system for some time and increase/decrease jobs accordingly.

      As far as transfer of all data is concerned, TDMS has various process type to reduce data according to time or company code or full transfer. You can transfer limited set of data using required package type.

      If TREX is also involved, you can try to take downtime for some time to be on safer side but control is always in your hands while using TDMS so there is no issue like system down and all if you will go with less jobs for selection and points mentioned in my last reply.


      Amit Sharma

  • Jan 19, 2015 at 02:17 PM


    my recommendation is a separate sender system with db copy from production system on it - in case that you expect runtime performance of data selection and data transfers to sender systems and if you work with TDMS Mastershell scenarios like in my case - - for example my sender system has a db size from approx. 3TB we have the need for establishing sandbox or project systems with one year of prod transaction data in a respective time period - in my case a complete TDMS time reduced ERP Pakage has runtime from 70 hours in total with a lot of parallel Jobs (50 DIA and 50 BTC WP) on every system in landscape (sender-control-receiver) - I never would try this with my real PROD System and if having low amount of WP there you will have realy realy long runtimes



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