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Jan 08, 2015 at 05:01 PM

What Are The Benefits of Production Order Confirmation By Work Center?


Hello SAP experts. I went from one company to another. Both use SAP. However, at my previous company, the operators performed confirmations after they completed each work center. At the company I'm at now, operators don't confirm at any operations and the planners just manually confirm the production order when it is complete. I would like to adopt the strategy my previous company used and confirm at each operation. I just need a little help proving my case and the benefits of it. I only know of the basic benefits and there may be plenty more that I am not aware of. Please tell me any that you think would benefit us.

I know one is that we don't measure productivity at the operator level. We only measure productivity as standard hours booked VS total man hours worked. If we confirmed at each work center we would be able to see standard hours booked vs actual man hours worked. With that we could then start tracking productivity at the operator level and when standard doesn't match actual, we can start figuring out why.

In addition, if we were to do this, I would like to see components being flushed at the work center level when the work center is confirmed. Right now the components are backflused when the work order is complete. Regardless of if the components were consumed at the first operation or the last operation. I would like to see my components consumed out of inventory real time.

I know another benefit is that we can start using capacity planning at the work center level. I could then create a dispatch report instead of having the planners create manual schedules out of excel.

This is really all I have. What could be some more cost and intangible benefits??

Please help and thanks in advance.