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Could not acquire a lock


I'm trying to activate a smartform but I'm getting this error message:

Error Text of the Database: "[ASE Error SQL12205]Could not acquire a lock

within the specified wait period. SERVER level wait period=2400 seconds,

spid=259, lock type=exclusive row, dbid=4, objid=1260735642, pageno=5821264,

rowno=5. Aborting the transaction.#"

I´ve checked this notes:

1634716 - SYB: Lock timeout or deadlocks --> This is configured correctly

To prevent lock promotion, set the ASE configuration as follows:

'row lock promotion HWM',  2147483647

'row lock promotion LWM',  2147483646

1749935  - SYB: Configuration Guide for SAP ASE 15.7

What can I do?

Best Regards

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2 Answers

  • Jan 08, 2015 at 06:43 PM

    I don't think the LWM an HWM values will be relevant to this situation.  It sounds like some other process is holding an incompatible lock on this row for a long time, and your client is choosing to time out rather than continue to block.

    Use a query against master..syslocks (or wade through the output of sp_lock) to look for such a process.

    select * from master..syslocks where dbid = 4 and page = 5821264 and row = 5

    Then figure out who is running the process, why it is holding the lock so long, and whether it would be reasonable to kill it to force the lock to be released so your client can run.


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  • Jan 09, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    Hello Ruben,

    what ASE version are you using in detail ? In the past we had some problems with the query plans to TRDIR (REPOSRC) while activating smartforms, the lock timeout could be sideeffect of it.

    The problem should be fixed in the ASE versions SP121 (or higher) or SP60 (or higher)

    Hope this will help.

    With kind regards


    PS: You can also check in DBACockpit -> Processes how your activate smartform process is working. And what in detail the process is doing.

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