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Jan 08, 2015 at 03:30 PM

Custom CSV payment method


I have a requirement from one of our banks to set up a custom payment method. Essentially, rather than generating an ACH file for certain vendors, we will need to create a CSV file with some basic data, and the bank will handle paying them. When I say basic data, I mean, like, four or five fields. I have set these fields up successfully in DMEE, and I think that piece of the configuration is correct. When I test my work in DMEE, the output looks good.

I have set up the new payment method in FBZP. This is my first time setting something up using Payment Medium Workbench. I followed the documentation carefully to set up the PMW Format. My problem is that when I run the payment program (F110) to actually test that payments are processed correctly, the correct open items are processed, the correct output is produced, etc., everything seems to work fine except for the output itself. Open items are marked as cleared and everything. But the DME output file is garbled and messy. It looks like SAP is trying to produce an ACH file, so all that extra ACH stuff is in there. All I need are my nice, neat, four or five comma-delimited fields that I configured in DMEE.

Can someone point me to a tutorial that shows me step-by-step how to configure a custom bank file format for payments? Or at least give me some clues as to where I can troubleshoot my issue?

We are running basic ECC 6.0, classic GL, no enhancement packs.