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Former Member
Jan 04, 2006 at 06:17 PM

Layout Set not working


Hi all,

I am trying to fulfill a requirement here which is to hide the "Edit Header" control on the Banner iView. I found out that this is defined in the "Components" property in the HTML Collection Renderer Settings. When i omit the component on this property, the Banner iView hides the control. So far, so good.

Now, as i need 2 instances of the layout set (one with the component and other without) i did this:

1) Copied the layout set to a custom one

2) Copied the HTML Renderer to a custom one

3) Omitted the component on the custom HTML Renderer

4) Changed the renderer on the custom layout set to point to the new renderer

5) Copied the Banner iView and customized it on the property "Layout Setting", putting the name of the custom layout set.

And this won't work! When i use this iView, instead of showing the Banner and Title, it shows a KM navigation structure with the Images directory (base directory of Banners). Do you know what may be wrong? I am sure that the problem occurs when i change the iView property to point to the custom layout set. But what is wrong?