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Jan 04, 2006 at 05:27 PM

Context Mapping - generall problem



sorry for this question, but I can't understand and found no other topic:


1. I have created a Model (includes as Input a structure - only a line not a table and as output a single value)

and a custom controller with a model node and mapped id via model Binding to the model

2. I have created a View which includes a model node in the context which is mapped to the custom controller via context binding.

3. I fill the modelnode of the view via set methods like this wdContext....().setChildid(1);

4 than i call the execute method in the custom controller

and run the Functionmodule but I get the message that the necessary structure is not delivered

5. I try in the init method of custom controler this, but it dosn't work

Zmda_Prognose_Set_Node_Input input = new Zmda_Prognose_Set_Node_Input();


I think I have a general problem - I hope anyone can spend the time to answer this questions - Thanks Stefan