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Jan 07, 2015 at 11:16 PM

DMIS SP6 questions


Hello everybody!

i think this inquiry should have 3 simple (but maybe not easy) answers (as of DMIS SP6):

  1. 1. if SLT requires table DD02L to be loaded and that table has an entry for BSEG but not for RFBLG then why does table IUUC_PERF_OPTION in SAP namespace have RFBLG and not BSEG?
  2. if only RFBLG, but not BSEG, can be 'transformed' during the initial load then no rules can be applied via IUUC_ASS_RUL_MAP, can they?
  3. once BSEG gets 'unclustered' during the load, the subsequent 'transformations' happen in calc view, don't they?