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I've been trying in vain to get an OLAP to OLAP RRI to work, the closest I've gotten is using RSBBS & Open Document to pass from one report to another.  This almost works, but I see no way to have it dynamically pass whatever criteria I have selected at the time.  IE I want it to pass Brand: X & Material: Y, because when I right-clicked I was on Brand X and Material Y.  At the moment I can only get it to open and pass if I hardcode those values in and pass them into the Receiver Variables.  Is there a way to make this dynamic?

The other way that again has almost worked is I've passed using RSBBS and configuring it as a BW Query, this works brilliantly!!! Except it doesn't! lol  I get this message below:

As you can see it passes everything fine directly into the query, yet I get this bizarre message which I haven't found anything out about.  The closest I came is to this bug fix in 4.1 SP3 (We are only 4.1 SP2):



     Report-Report Interface targets in the Go To list may fail to load. This problem occurs when the Analysis data

     source is an SAP BW query using a message server connection, or when the RRI target is an SAP BW query that

     has prompts.

     New Behavior:

     This problem is resolved.

If I go to 4.1 SP3 should this fix my issue so that Option 2 works?  Thanks for any insight you can give!

P.S.  Ok after typing all this out I removed ALL prompts from the Receiver Query (Per SP3 patch notes) and it appears to work fine!  So I'm going to leave this here in case anyone else has this issue, and possibly comment on Option 1 (RSBBS & Open Document).

RRI Error.png (18.0 kB)
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    Jan 09, 2015 at 01:35 AM

    Hi Jonathan

    Did you see the article at That may offer help in getting core RRI to work.

    Regarding prompts... I don't believe you need to remove them. If all prompts are optional, or if the mandatory ones have default values then I believe this should be fine.

    OLAP to OLAP RRI does work and it's on my to-do list to document this. AOLAP on works as an RRI Sender, not an RRI Receiver. So the secret is to use a combination of both RRI and OpenDocument. You define an RRI connection to a URL RRI Receiver. That URL RRI Receiver is actually an OpenDoc URL to the AOLAP report that you want to open. The limitation is that you pass context from one AOLAP workspace to another using prompts. So with this method when you right click on Brand X and Material Y, this will pass Brand X and Material Y to the OpenDocument URL which will then use Brand X and Material Y as prompt values into the AOLAP workspace that you are linking to.


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      Yeah I saw that, and that's what we did.  But we got the error I showed above and after a few hours I found that 4.1 SP3 appears to fix this.  It 100% does not work in our 4.1 SP2 environment (we are going to SP5 in March), when I took the same Receiver BEx query and removed all prompts it worked perfectly.  Prompts in bad (for our 4.1 SP2), Prompts out good!  I'm going to open an Incident with SAP and send them a BRIAR file and have them test it in SP5 to confirm this, but based on the SP3 message (link) I expect this to be fixed in SP5.

      I want to look more into the OpenDocument method but I couldn't find anywhere how to pass information dynamically, i.e. the Brand X and Material Y that is being selected.  Is there any documentation for that?  Closest I came was your post showing how to do it passing something hard-coded via the URL RRI Receiver to the variable (of the AOLAP report), but not how to pass what you're selecting at the time.