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Anyone ever experienced this error ?

Dear experts,

SM21 on our ERP production system is from time to time being flooded with the following error:

Error adding a request to the dispatcher queue ( SPO)

Request (type SPO) cannot be processed

this happens once every couple of hours. We have 1 spool process and currently, it is in the

waiting status. I have tried googling and checking the Marketplace, but it seems like noone else

has ever had this error...

Thanks a lot!

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2 Answers

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    Jan 08, 2015 at 02:25 AM


    The problem is likely caused by a program that creates lots of
    spool requests that shall be printed immediately, but does not commit
    the requests before the program ends.

    As a consequence, the dispatcher on the spool instance will be flooded
    with messages to be forwarded to a spool work process. In the system log
    file, you can see that the dispatcher queue gets an overflow, so it cannot
    forward some messages.

    Some output requests will thus be lost for the moment. However, a
    periodic spool scan that runs every 20 minutes will detect these
    request and output them.

    The solution will be to identify the report that creates the spools
    for printing and adapt it, i.e. adding a COMMIT WORK after every
    "good" spool request that is to be printed.

    For further information regarding overfolw situation see SAP notes:

    65109 - Long delays when printing during overload

    Also, do review the following SAP notes and details:
    15606 - Overflow of dispatcher request queue

    The below will explain the process in more detail for you.

    68511 - How does an output request get to the spool work process

    Again, the reason's why the SPO WP cannot process the requests can be
    that the program creates too many spool requests in too little time. The
    dispatcher is unable to transfer the messages for printing these
    requests to dispatcher queue. This is covered in SAP note:

    692486 - Print requests are not output with a high system load

    Additional notes for your attention and full review regarding the
    configuration options for the print processes:

    412065    Incorrect output sequence of output requests
    118057    Flexible Configuration of the Spool Service



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    • Hello Symon,

      David has described only a possible scenario, but the starting point for analysis is still check the traces, what exactly is reported there. Based on this you can decide about next actions.


  • Jan 07, 2015 at 08:02 PM

    Dear Symon,

    please check the corresponding trace file for more information on the error message. In the syslog you should see, which process writes the error messages, you should check the trace of this process. You can check also the number of requests in the dispatcher queue in SM51.

    regards, Alwina

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