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Jan 07, 2015 at 02:44 PM

Implement incoming e-invoicing


Hi there,

I wonder if anyone here has implemented inbound electronic invoicing yet.

We will be receiving mainly pdf invoices by mail and want process them in SAP roughly speaking. My aim is to set up a system wise process within SAP without using third-party software.

I plan to set up inbound electronic invoicing the following way:

1. set up mail address for invoice receipt

2. pick every received invoice mail (mail including attachment: pdf or other) without any change within mail or content (according to legal requirement) and save it in the SAP archive system (automatically)

3. Inform the A/P accounting clerk about incoming invoice (automatically).

4. Accounting clerk posts invoice manually

5. SAP posting will be linked to the incoming invoice (automatically).

The main problem I have is how to get the mail into the SAP archive automatically and how to link SAP posting to the archived electronic invoice. For now, it is not part of the scope to set up a work flow and keep the process as lean as possible.

Does anyone has an idea?

Many thanks and best regards,