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Jan 07, 2015 at 01:56 PM

Caller number copy-paste



In CCtr 7.0 I need to copy and paste callers number from CDT.

I can find callers number info from History page and by selecting current call from History list new Contact Details view opens. From there I can't copy source number because it's link that will paste this number to directory search field. From that search fild it's possible to copy number but when number is longer than 8 decimal places then front of the number is replaced with # sign.

For example in next picture you can see that original source number 3726999099 is replaced in directory search with #26999099:

Is there a possibility to insert the whole callers number to that directory search field?


Ragnar Kobin

IP Callcenters


nr_search.png (124.3 kB)