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Sender IDOC comprising of records to be sent to 2 different receiver files

Hi SDNites,

Sender IDOC comprises of records which needs to be sent to Receiver File 1 and Receiver File 2. I have built this scenario without using BPM.

If I send IDOC with records for File 1 it works fine and also for File 2. But when I send mixed records it fails.

My undrstanding is that filtering of records in IDOC has to be done at Interface determination where I have included a condition to identify the opertaion mapping. But the same is not working in mixed records scenarios.

Any pointers on the above is of great help.



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3 Answers

  • Jan 07, 2015 at 01:55 PM

    Hi Abishek,

    If i understand right you are generating only one IDOC that need to go to one or two file locations. Have you thought to change your solution and to use multi-mapping without ccBPM? Check these links:

    Raja Sekhar Reddy's blog Multi-Mapping without BPM for IDoc Scenarios- Yes, itÂ’s possible!..!!!

    Wiki: One IDOC to Multiple Files sending to Multiple folders of the FTP using single Communication Channel (SAP XI-PI Process …


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  • Jan 07, 2015 at 02:22 PM

    Thnaks for above repsonse.

    My requirement is,

    Sender IDOC data,

    Field1 Field2

    ____   _____

    Rec1  ABC

    Rec2  XYZ

    Rec3  XYZ

    Rec4  ABC

    Rec5  XYZ

    Receiver File 1 (It will receive only records with ABC)

    Rec1 ABC

    Rec4 ABC

    Receiver File 2 (It will receive only records with XYZ)

    Rec2 XYZ

    Rec3 XYZ

    Rec5 XYZ

    As mentioned earlier, if my sender IDOC contains only ABC it sends output to correct receiver File 1 and if my sender IDOC contains only XYZ it sends output to correct receiver File 2. But in case sender IDOC contains both ABC and XYZ it is not working fine.

    Note : Reciver is the same but with 2 different file locations.



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    • Former Member


      For your requirement you have to use 1:n multimapping and you can refer the first link given by Vila in his reply.

      Interface determination will not have any conditions since Interface mapping will be common when you go for 1:n mapping hence filteration will be done on mapping level only.



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    Former Member
    Jan 08, 2015 at 08:18 AM

    Hi Abhishek,

    Here you can also follow below aproach :

    In ESR:

    • Create one Target Data type and Message Type containing fields for both file .

    • Create two Message Mapping, one with the 1st file target mapped with IDoc and another with the 2nd file target field mapped with Idoc.

    • Accordingly create two Operation Mapping with source as Idoc and target as Receiver File fields each having one Message mapping that is created.

    In ID:

    • Create two Business Component .

    • In RD give above two Business Component as receiver Communication Component .

    • Create 2 Interface Determination each with one Business Component and Operation Mapping .

    • Create two Receiver Agreement with Communication Channel having the details of different location .


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