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Jan 07, 2015 at 01:09 PM

Deploying a "stand-alone" WACS to support RESTful web services application-traffic...?


Are there any SAP Best-Practice or Pattern Books for supporting the RESTful web services application-traffic...?

  1. We need to allow RESTful traffic from an application in the DMZ.

  2. The TOMCAT Web-Server is in the WebApplication layer - so they have no problem accessing CMC or Launchpad.

  3. However, the WebApplicationContainerServer (WACS) is on the Application layer within a SIA Node - so the client is unable to connect to the RESTful WebServices from the DMZ.

  4. One work-around we are considering is deploying just the SIA & WACS on a small-Node on the same physical box that is hosting the TOMCAT Web-Server is in the WebApplication layer.

Is there any formal SAP Guidance around the "Best Practice" for this issue, or has ANYONE come-up with another work-around...?

Let me know.

Thanks in Advance.