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Use custom periodicity in scorecards

Hi experts,

i'm using SSM 10.1 SP03 and i would like to use a custom periodicity besides the usual month/year possibilities. The data is provided by BW (key figures are shown per fiscal period/year, example: "2014001") and the BEx query is imported using SAP BW Connector Administrator (BICA). In the configuration help of SSM 10.1 (link: paragraph says: "Only monthly, quarterly, and yearly periodicities are supported for loading data from SAP Netweaver BW to Application Server". This means that periodicity of BICA is also limited?

As I found out, using the cubebuilder is not possible to create custom periodicity. Can I use functionality within BICA to create custom periodicity or should I make the customization into the PAS model? I think this must be done in the PAS model, as a consequence BICA can interpret the created custom periodicity and the custom periodicity is available in the scorecard?



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    Jan 16, 2015 at 04:37 PM


    This is an example of where CubeBuilder runs out of steam and you need to go into PAS proper. You can create your own periodicities in PAS but you may need to work around the way it is presented in the front end of SSM.

    For example for a customer we needed to create some KPIs so they showed the data in a triannual form i.e. periods of 4 months so that there were 3 values per year. We initially loaded the values on a monthly basis as this was the way the base data came in and then created a new KPI so that the values were calculated from the monthly values to show 3 values per year using a LAST consolidation method.

    If you look at the Application Server Help document for 10.0 (there isn't one specifically for 10.1. It is one of the additional ones not shown directly on the first page) you will see a section on the periodicities that are there available to use in PAS.

    I would also suggest you upgrade from SP03! SP06 is out now and SP07 is forecast to be available end January. For example semi-annual is now supported in the front end of SSM (though not yet in E&A - hopefully soon!)


    Colin Cooper

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    • Hi Colin,

      First of all, I would like to thank you for your support regarding my issues with SAP Strategy Management at which you responded at One of these problems involved the custom periodicity (tertial period, periods of 4 months) of SSM which one of our customers requests.

      As you have indicated, "We initially loaded the values on a monthly basis as this was the way the base data came in and then created a new KPI so that the values were calculated from the monthly values to show 3 values per year using a LAST consolidation method".

      Since I am involved in the project for this customer I am trying to follow your guidelines in the PAS model.

      If I understand correctly I have to create another KPI (next to the existing KPI per month) where the new KPI only has 3 values per year (1 for Jan-April, 1 for May-August and 1 for September-December)?

      However, this means that the KPI-structure is showing more KPI's than actually are, how should I handle this? in comparison, when I include one KPI (which has values for each month) I can choose how I want to  show the values of the KPI in my briefing book (per month or per year). Ideally, I would also like for the existing KPI the option in the briefing book to show these values per 4 months. Is this scenario possible or is it “only” possible to create a new KPI which consequently can be used in a briefing book for values per 4 months or year?

      To complete my example the KPI's to be made:

      KPI: "Sales"


      January 10

      February 10

      March 10

      April 30

      May 20

      June 20

      July 30

      August 30

      September 20

      October 40

      November 10

      December 20

      KPI: "Sales (tertially)"


      Jan- April 60

      May-Aug 100

      Sept-Dec 90

      In the PAS model you mention the consolidation of the last 4 months based on the "LAST" function which is supported by the PAS (see image below)

      Do I first have to define the periodicity in PAS such that while creating the new virtual measure I can "select" this periodicity to consolidate the values or can I add the 4-months logic in the formula? E.g. Calculating values for a virtual measure which must be based on the previous month is possible by defining the following logic at the virtual measure: "<new measure> = <old measure> LAST month” (see image for an example which I created).

      Is this what you mean by consolidation by using the LAST method? If yes, how is the relation between the KPIs defined? (In reality, they report over the same key figure and therefore it is somewhat contradicting to create 2 measures for one KPI).

      Thank you very much!