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Jan 07, 2015 at 07:41 AM

Error during profit center change due to status of archived scheduling agreements


Hi All,

Facing an issue with profit center change .

I am getting error message MM326 "There are still open purchasing orders", while trying to change profit center for a material

We have already taken care of the following points:

  • Stock from plant has been removed in last financial period
  • All purchasing documents are either deleted or archived

After debugging the error we found an issue with the field EKPO-LOEKZ of an archived scheduling agreement.

Typically the field should be set as "L" after deletion.

However , here we found that it was set to value "X".

We are supporting the SAP application for a customer and this archival and the subsequent editing of field EKPO-LOEKZ was done before we took over this project.

Now we would like to change this field from "X" to "L".

But we cannot make changes to an archived document.

I have the below questions:

  1. Therefore, I would like to understand if it is possible to reverse the archival of a scheduling agreement.
  2. And after we reverse the archival, is there a standard way to change EKPO-LOEKZ from "X" to "L" ?