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Production Order Operation Confirmations

I am looking into a new process for a customer whereby they have 4 Operations on a Production Order

  • Operation 0001
  • Operation 0002
  • Operation 0003
  • Operation 0004

Operations 0001 0002 and 0003 are not milestone operations and do not have to be confirmed in sequence. i.e. 0002 can be confirmed before 0001 etc.

Operation 0004 is a milestone operation, therefore once confirmed, any unconfirmed operations before it will be automatically completed.

What are the benefits/drawbacks of using CO11N vs CO1F or vice versa?

If I use CO1F to confirm 0002 before 0001, it looks as though 0001 will auto-confirm even though 0002 is not a milestone.

Is this Correct?



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    Jan 06, 2015 at 11:13 PM


    Milestone confirmation and progress confirmation are not mutually exclusive. They can in fact be used in combination during confirmations.

    The main way progress confirmation differs from other is when you do a partial confirmation. If you partially produce 25 (order quantity 35) now you progress confirm 0002 for 25, operation 0001 gets automatically confirmed for 25 yield, next you partially produce 5 more, now you'd need to enter 30 yield for the operation 0002 to confirm the 5 qty.

    Note: I used "partially produced" to mean both partial by quantity and partial by operations (only two (0001 & 0002) out of four operations (0001 through 0004) have been performed 0002.)

    An example difference:

    Case 1: None of the operations from 0001 through 0004 are marked milestone.

    (A) You have operation 0002 already partially progress confirmed (CO1F) and then you do a progress confirmation of 0004, as long as the yield quantity of 0004 is lower than or equal to that of 0002 system will not do anything to 0002. If the yield quantity of 0004 is higher, then system will confirm the extra yield for 0002. Meaning it will alter the yield of prior operations if their yield is less than that of later progress confirmed operation.

    (B) You have operation 0002 already partially confirmed (CO11N), next you do progress confirmation of 0004 (CO1F) all the unconfirmed operations prior to 0004 will get confirmed automatically. But system will not change anything to the already confirmed 0002 operation no matter what the yield difference is i.e. if 0004 yield is higher than 0002. That's because the 0002 & 0004 have been done with difference confirmation types.

    Case 2 Operation 0004 is milestone.

    You partially confirm 0002 (CO11N) and then you confirm 0004 (fully or partially) system will also automatically confirm all the prior unconfirmed operations (i.e. 0001, 0003) but it will not alter the yield of 0002 even if it is higher than 0004.

    Case 3 Operation 0002 is milestone.

    You partially confirm 0002 (CO11N) which automatically confirms 0001 for the same yield as 0002 (due to 0002 being milestone), next you do a progress confirmation of 0004, system will confirm 0003 for the same quantity as 0004 but it will not do anything to 0002 or 0001 even if there is a yield difference i.e. if yield of 0004 is higher than 0002/0001. A quirk is that system won't let you do CO1F for 0004, unless some kind (partial/full) confirmation has been done to operations (0002) since milestone operation fall prior to 0004.

    You can read more here, Progress vs Milestone a lot of scenarios are described

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