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Jan 06, 2015 at 11:17 PM

Download SAP ECC Table CDHDR/CDPOS Deltas Using Data Services 4.2


I’ve been trying to do a proof of concept where we use DS 4.2 to download SAP ECC table CDHDR/CDPOS deltas. Here are the basic parts I've built:

-DS datastore with data transfer method = RFC

-SQL Server table with table last run date/time

-DS job (with ABAP data flow which gets last run date/time to pull deltas in ECC and not pass all records to do delta filtering in DS) updates SQL Server CDHDR/CDPOS target tables and updates last run date/time

However, I’ve been running into multiple issues with the auto-generated DS ABAP program such as getting the ABAP program created in a closed ECC client, having to apply various ECC notes, getting the correct authorization to run the ABAP program, etc. Are there other DS options to easily download SAP ECC table deltas without going the ABAP route?