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Jan 06, 2015 at 06:27 PM

SAP ME - Can you use a single MSSQL instance on a single server?



We need to build a demo system with the minimum of hardware so would like to use just one server.

The build would be Netweaver 7.4, ME 15 & MII 15 Using SQL 2012 as the database.

The question is, can I use a single instance of SQL or do I need to install two ? One for netweaver and one for ME ?

The ME database install guide states the following warning:


SAP ME does not use the same collation as the SAP NetWeaver database and server. Do

not use the SQL4SAP.vbs provided with MSSQL software to install the SQL Server database


Does this mean I would install one instance for Netweaver using SQL4SAP.vbs and a second one (using a different port number) for ME using the standard installer ?

Or can I install just one database engine instance and configure the collation for each database individually ?

Also what about any of the other settings, eg Filestream and the XA install ?

Thanks for any guide that you can give.