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Jan 06, 2015 at 01:40 PM

Multiple property values in a dimension


Dear All,

Please help me if BPC can identify multiple property values in a property field separated by comma.

Please see below example:

I have 3 plants and 6 customers and not all customers are supplied from all plants. In customer dimension, I have mapped the plants from where they are supplied as one of the property.

(Dimension) (Property) CUSTOMER PLANT Customer_A Plant_A,Plant_B Customer_B Plant_A,Plant_C Customer_C Plant_B,Plant_C Customer_D Plant_B,Plant_C Customer_E Plant_A,Plant_B Customer_F Plant_A,Plant_B,Plant_C

Now, In excel EPM add in, I want to write a dimension override formula for customer to display customer list applicable for a selected plant as: =EPMDimensionOverride("000","CUSTOMER","PLANT=PLANT_A"). From this formula I expect only customers A, B, E and F are displayed.

But this does not work.

I was able to achieve this by modifying my customer dimension as below and use EPMDimensionOverride("000","CUSTOMER","PLANT_A=Y") formula.

(Dimension) (Property) (Property) (Property) CUSTOMER PLANT_A PLANT_B PLANT_C Customer_A Y Y N Customer_B Y N Y Customer_C N Y Y Customer_D N Y Y Customer_E Y Y N Customer_F Y Y Y

However, I would prefer initial option of having all the applicable plants defined in only one property field.

Is this possible and will BPC identify different property values separated by comma (",")