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Jan 06, 2015 at 11:54 AM

Values missing in queue context


Hi All,

I have encountered this ERROR many times,but this time I am unable to figure out the reason behind this mapping failure.Below is my source structure image

I am getting ERROR as below

Cannot create target element /ns0:Messages/ns0:Message1/ns2:GLJournalsDataPost[2]/GL_Document/DocumentHeader/LineItem. Values missing in queue context. Target XSD requires a value for this element, but the target-field mapping does not create one. Check whether the XML instance is valid for the source XSD, and whether the target-field mapping fulfils the requirement of the target XSD

Here its not pointing to any particular field value.Many records are there with Header and LineItem details.If i test each record individually in ESR test tab it works but if i test all records at a time it fails with above error.Kindly need your help


Untitled.png (21.8 kB)