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Jan 06, 2015 at 09:07 AM

InfoPackage: Time-Dependent Data


Hi all,

does anybody know something about behavior of time interval data in infopackages.

We updated to NW 7.30 SPS12 (from SPS09) and know it seems that time interval selection is back on "update tab" (like in 3.x-times):

I discovered that these fields are definied as special field type in datasource in bw-system:

You can edit table RSDSSEG (fields DATEFROMFD and DATETOFD) so selection fields will be back in selection tab.

But where you can define these property in source system? Because after replication and activation fields in RSDSSEG will be set again.

We have the problem that some infopackages now have "time-dependent data"-selection on update-tab and it will be set with actual system date, if you don't overwrite it explicit.




image001.png (15.9 kB)
image002.png (79.1 kB)