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Order start time


In our SAP system do "backward in time" scheduling for process orders. Currently all work center are setup to run for 24x7 time.

Now we have few materials setup in system which required to start by 6am in morening but should stop by 6:30pm in evening. That means process orders of these materials should start at 6am and should stop by 6:30pm. Next order should start at 6am next day mrning. Because business don't do production of particular materials in evening time.

So my question to you expert is; what should I do to meet business requirements? Do I need to change work center working time to meet this requirements?

What if we have two materials running on same work center, one we can produce 24 hrs but second can produce from 6am to 6pm only?

Reply appreciated.

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    Posted on Jan 06, 2015 at 03:44 AM

    Hi Eric sun

    Wish you a happy new year.

    In standard SAP system, scheduling is based on the work center and not specific to material. That is scheduling of a order will be done on the work center associated with the operation of that material.

    Work center will hold the standard available capacity, the orders (planned or production or process) will determine the capacity required to produce the quantity of the material in that specific order. then system schedules the required capacity in the desired direction (forward or backward).

    Here, if a set materials are to run only on the day time, then this requires a custom solution on the capacity scheduling program which has been used. That is to find the BAdI or enhancement spots and write the own logic.

    Or a simple work around should also suffice this, that is using a separate work center for this set of materials in routing and define the work hours of the work center.

    In the second case, if one work center is used for all materials, then obviously there will set back in capacity scheduling and reporting.

    But to choose the right way of solution depends on few business questions mentioned below

    1. How many work centers are available to accommodate both set of materils.

    2. In this case, how the work center will loaded with another material during night.

    3.How the capacity scheduling is done in system and how the business wants it. like so on.



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      Hi Eric sun,

      Sorry for late reply as I got really busy around here.

      If business does not wants two work center and needs to stick 24X7 / 365 days of capacity, then the only choice is to enhance the scheduling transaction using some enhancement spots or BAdI or BApI or imp.enhancements.

      Basically, the high level logic could be something like below.

      Split the shift timings according to day and night for all the working days and define the two shift timings in respective work center. Also maintain a list of material to be run day time in custom table. Then enhance the capacity scheduling transaction which business is using (it could be either CM21---29 and/or CM40, MD12 MD04, MD02, MDBT etc.,) in such way to validate the planned order material with Z table and if this validation passes, then scheduling of the operation to be in backwards using day shift alone and scheduling should skip the night shift for these materials, for ex. if an operations like 10 to 50 has each 3hrs and day shift is of 12hrs, then the coding in enhancement should backward schedule operation 50, 40, 30, 20 on day 2 and operation 10 should fall on last 3hrs of day 1.

      yes, this would be a complex development and need a good effort of testing.

      For the screen shot provided in the above thread,

      The finish time in capacity tab of the work center of the last operation of the material should be 17:30, hence system picks the 17.30 and does the backward scheduling in time. Just change the finish time in work center of he last operation of this process order or production order material to 06:00:00 then system will pick this finish time from work center and do b/ward scheduling.

      But this change will be applicable for all the materials, but the initial scenario is to schedule certain set of materials in day time and rest on both day and night shifts, for this dynamic scheduling it is better go for enhancements.

      Hope this reply clears some of the barriers...

      Also please let the community know, if any solutions are designed or adapted.