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Jan 05, 2015 at 06:20 PM

Problem with Component or missing any settings


I have a Problem with my listBox OutPut Display in Design Studio 1.3:

Have Two Data source:

1) DS_1 for Dimension Filter

2) DS_2 for ListBox

Bex Query DS_1 has fields/columns like Country key and Country Name of Member Array Type

Another Bex Query DS_2 has fields/columns like Country key, Country Name(Member Array) , State Names(Member Array)

Now when i select single/multiple member items from an Country Dimension Filter, Iam trying to display the selected countries and each country with required Statenames in my listBox OutPut Display. For this i tried so far with the below lines of code in script of Dimension Filter which was not displaying as expected.

var Countries = DS_1.getFilterText("YCoun");

var aCountry = Countries.split(";");

aCountry.forEach(func(country, i){

LISTBOX_1.addItem("" + i, country);

var aState=DS_2.getMembers("YStat", 10);

aState.forEach(func(state) {

LISTBOX_1.addItem(state.internalKey, state.text);

DS_2.setFilterExt("YCoun", Countries);});});

Tried searching the entire forum if for any two datasources settings needed in dimension filter and refering the documentation didnt get any clue so far.

Any ideas? is this default behaviour in Dimension Filter or am i missing something wrong on the code mentioned above.

Thanks so much

- Dinya.