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Jan 05, 2015 at 10:56 AM

SetSilent Method Error


Hi SAP experts,

I have an issue wherein I am
facing a problem , The issue is that the script I have written at pre-phase
change target for Contract documnet class, when the phase changes for approval
( Endorserment Phase) , the Document has a collbaorator called Endorser , who
has to approve the documnet, the document gets locked. Aftre approval, when I
am moving the Phase to any other phase , I need to set the the
collaborator Endorser to silent , I tried this by calling setSilent() method in
the script , when the phase is chaged from Endorsemnet to any other phase, the
method is invoked successfully when I am calling it with other_Phase variable,
but when I try to invoke the method by capturing the current Phase from the
session , it throws me an exception due to which I am unable to setSilent to
true for the collaborator. Can you please help me understand the reason for

PFA the screen shot of the error and code.




Exception.png (35.8 kB)
ScriptCode.png (18.1 kB)