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What is object /SAPSLL/EPR? Where is it used?

Hi experts,

   I am trying to update product characteristics in GTS. While doing that I am getting error: Object /SAPSLL/EPR is blocked by user xyz

   What is Object /SAPSLL/EPR? Is it a tcode or table? I tried checking both but getting not found error.

   What is this object used for? Is there any documentation available for this?



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2 Answers

  • Jan 05, 2015 at 11:11 AM

    Hi Gopalkrishna,

    I don't think there is any such object in GTS.  More likely the intended object is /SAPSLL/PR - the Product object.  That error (/SAPSLL/CORE_BASIS 102) is issued when the required Product cannot be locked for maintenance.

    Please check whether user xyz is indeed locking the same Product.


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    • Hi Dave,

         Even when I tried to find the object /SAPSLL/EPR in GTS I could not find it.


         But thats what is actually returned by system when I try to update a product.

         Below is my scenario.

         I am sending product characteristics from an external system to GTS via SAP PI.

         External System --> SOAP webservice --> PI ---> Proxy --> GTS.

         Before sending I have open a product in transaction /SAPSLL/PRODUCT_02 in SAP GTS. This is just for -ve testing.

         Then I send the same product from external system for updation.

          Thats when I get this error.

          In my proxy code I have also written a code to catch exception when a product is locked but strangely this is not returned and system is generating its own message "/SAPSLL/EPR is blocked by user xyz"

      Below is my code:

      SELECT SINGLE guid_pr FROM /sapsll/pntpr INTO v_guid_pr WHERE prvsy = v_prod_id. <-- input product received

           IF sy-subrc = 0.

             x_pk-guid_pr = v_guid_pr.

             x_pk-mandt = sy-mandt.

             CALL METHOD prd_obj->get_object_pk


                 is_pk          = x_pk

                 is_debug       = x_debug


                 es_obj         = v_pr_obj


                 invalid_call   = 1

                 no_data        = 2

                 foreign_lock   = 3

                 enqueue_error  = 4

                 instance_lock  = 5

                 object_deleted = 6

                 internal_error = 7

                 OTHERS         = 8.

             IF sy-subrc <> 0.

      *       Implement suitable error handling here

               CASE sy-subrc .

                 WHEN 3.

                   lv_product_text = v_prod_id .

                   CONCATENATE lv_product_text ' Product is locked by User'  INTO lv_error .

                   APPEND lv_error TO lt_error .

                   CLEAR lv_error.


               ENDCASE .

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    Former Member
    Jan 07, 2015 at 06:14 AM

    Hello Gopalkrishna,

    you will find the object /SAPSLL/EPR via TC SE11: Lock object /SAPSLL/EPR. It's the ENQUEUE / DEQUEUE Structure for table /SAPSLL/PR. The corresponding function module ( TC SE37) are


    Maybe it helps you view the coding to solve your probelm. Or you search the OSS. I have found 14 notes and maybe one of them is helpfull ( 1927641, 1929216, 1867074, 1798995, 1698156,

    1596578, 1575601, 1280422, 1261186, 1233971, 898217, 903664, 903152, 859020).



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    • Hi Gopalkrishna,

      From what you and Thomas have said, it seems there is no problem - the system is behaving as expected.  If no-one is already locking the Product, then your updates will succeed ok.